Welcome to Zero Keyboard

You have downloaded our app and now you want to go forward and start using it to manage your activities and update Salesforce. We have prepared a series of articles to complete the in-app tutorial. We organized them step by step to help you progress smoothly in your mastery of the app.

Step 1 : Login

The first thing you need to do to enjoy Zero Keyboard is to log in using your Salesforce credentials.

Step 2 : Discover the app 

When launching the app, you will land on the contact screen. But remember, this is only the starting point.

  1. Current view: contacts, leads, activities... Various list and records are displayed in the main part of the screen allowing you to search and view their information (see below).

  2. Shortcuts will open a menu to allow you to rapidly enter data to Salesforce.

  3. Accessing the Menu lets you change the view and access all other elements in the app.

  4. View action will change based on the view and provide you a shortcut to enter data related to the view. For example, create a new contact if you are on the contacts list. 

Step 3 : Navigate the app

Simply tap the button (3) to open the menu

The menu contains various tiles which allow you to change the view in the app. In our example, the Pro edition, the first row (5) contains access to :

  • Contacts : Search contacts, view their details, create new ones scanning business cards.

  • Leads: Search leads, view their details, create new ones scanning business cards.

  • Events : Discover how to manage your meetings with a few swipes

  • Tasks : Manage your to-do list efficiently and with speed.

The  second row gives you access to more technical resources :

  • Customize let you change the behavior of the app and the way data is entered

  • Settings is where you set your calendar authorization, manage your subscription and can log out.

  • Support is to start a chat with us when you have a problem or a question.

Step 4 : Start using the app

We recommend you start learning how the app works with the contact view, and then explore the other views.

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