What does it display? What can I do?

1. Event list

The list displays events grouped by days for :

  • the next 90 days

  • the past 30 days (past events are displayed in grey)

The events are coming from :

  • Salesforce (these events are marked with a cloud icon)

  • your phone (this can be changed in the settings)

Every event shows you its time and subject, as well as the first participant and the account name.

2. Add notes to past events

Once an event is in the past, the app will show you a Notes button. Pressing it will start a workflow where you will be able to report the meeting notes. If the event is not yet in Salesforce, adding notes will also synchronize it (see for more information).

3. Synchronize an event from your phone

If an event is only on your phone, you can synchronize it with Salesforce by pressing the Sync button. The app will try to find the matching contacts and their accounts in Salesforce and will create the corresponding event with all the necessary links.

4. Access details view

Simply tap an event to access its details.

5. Create a new eventĀ 

Press the button to start a workflow to create a new event in Salesforce.

6. Refresh

Refresh the events list.

This is it! That's all you need to know about this screen, and feel free to post comments and ask questions.

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