Workflows can be set to have specific interactions with Those interactions can be really powerful. But with great power comes great responsibility. That's why we advise you to read the following article before you begin.

General Information

When a workflow is completed and sent from the mobile app to Salesforce, it creates a record it will be linked to.
Example : As a default behavior a new workflow will create an event in Salesforce with the date of its completion and all its questions and answers as comments.

Create or update

Every workflow completed with the mobile app will create an entry in the selected object. The created entry is what we call the record in main action.
You can override this setting to update an existing record instead. To do so you need to have a question with a search component where the user selects the record.


Give the workflow a name that separates it from the default and your workflows. This will be visible to you and to the users in the app.


Give the workflow a description. It is visible to users in the Shortcuts view. Keep it short and descriptive.

Workflow Actions

Add actions to automate actions in the workflow. Read more about them here.

Advanced Options

Record name

This will be the generic name of the created record if it is not set in the workflow questions.

Create note

This option creates a note in Lightning containing all answers. It's automatically linked to the link record when the object allows it. 

Disable chatter post 

By default Zero Keyboard posts on Chatter after updating Salesforce. You can disable this action here. 

Save & view 

You can define the specific page you want to be opened after the user saves a workflow. You can use #LINK_RECORD_ID# as dynamic value for created link record. Leaving the field empty defaults the redirect to: /one/

Force view

If you select this option, when the user hits the Save button, the app will automatically open the Salesforce view of the record. It can be used if you have a specific process for your users to follow in Salesforce.

Duplicates on leads

Turn the switch ON to skip the app duplicate check on leads creation.

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