This component allows you to select one answer among several propositions.

Mobile Preview

Standard settings

When designing a question using this component you can add and remove answers as you need with a minimum of 2 answers and a maximum of 6.


Put the value to show on mobile and to be set in Salesforce 

Advanced Settings

The settings are set on each answer separately. For each one you can define :

Mobile value

This value is only displayed on mobile. Remember the space on the screen is limited,
so you might want to use abbreviations or acronyms. 

Salesforce value

This is the actual value that will be sent to Salesforce. Here you can put more detailed information. 

SalesForce Action

Please see the detailed article on SalesForce actions, Just note that actions can be different for each answer, allowing more complex schemes. 

Extra option : Copy to all

This buttons allows you to replicate the action on all answers.

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