This component allows to select multiple answers among several propositions. Possible answers can be based on an existing picklist in Salesforce or entered manually.

Mobile Preview

Standard settings (common) 


You can choose between 

  • manual values: you enter the possible answers yourself

  • Salesforce values: answers are based on a picklist existing in Salesforce   

Based on this choice you'll access different settings, as described below.


Set it to have a maximum of selectable answers. Put 0 to allow users to select an unlimited amount of answers.


Users will have a search field to filter the answers.

Standard settings (Salesforce values)


Select the object your picklist is used in.
Note that only the objects containing piclist fields are shown. 


Select the field containing your picklist.

 Example: if you want to update the lead rating, you choose object > Lead and field > rating.

Standard settings (manual values)


Put the value to show on mobile and to be set in Salesforce 

Advanced Settings (Salesforce values) 

SalesForce Action

Please see the detailed article on SalesForce actions.

Advanced Settings (manual values) 

The settings are set on each answer separately. For each one you can define :

Mobile value

This value is only displayed on mobile. Remember the space on the screen is limited,
so you might want to use abbreviations or acronyms. 

Salesforce value

This is the actual value that will be sent to Salesforce. Here you can put more detailed information. 

Salesforce Action

Please see the detailed article on Salesforce actions, Just note that actions can be different for each answer, allowing more complex schemes. 

Extra option : Copy to all

This buttons allows you to replicate the action on all answers.

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