Now that you're familiar with the workflow concept, we'll see how to add new question to a workflow.

1. Start creating the question

Simply press the + Add question button in the topic you want to add it to.
If you look at the left panel you will see that you have a button for each topic. But don't worry you can always reorder questions if you made a mistake.

2. Question details


It's mainly used in navigation menu, it will also be what the user sees at first glance. so aim for simple and clear title.


Here you can detail what you are really waiting for. Users might only read the first time they use the workflow, but don't neglect it, it will be a helpful for new user, and people that need time to get along with new solutions.


If you switch it on, user won't be able to complete the workflow without answering  

3. Component's choice

You have now to choose a component that will meet your needs. Zero Keyboard provides component for every type of answer, and choosing the right one is the most crucial part while designing your workflow.

All components are detailed in their own articles but here is already a small hint of what you can use, based on the type of answer.


  • Search : lets users select one or multiple records from a Salesforce object

  • Call : Same as Search with the option to call 

Predefined text/numeric answers

  • Wheel : lets users do a single selection

  • List : lets users select one or multiple answer in a list (can be based on an existing picklist)

Pictures & text recognition

  • Camera : let you add pictures with text recognition

Free text

  • Voice to text : let the user enter his own answer by dictating or typing 

Date & Time


  • Signal : a slider-like component to simple values or percentages

  • Numpad : for all type of value, handles decimals

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