What does it display ? What can I do ?

The contact details screen let you see more information about your contact such as its address or email. It also gives you access to more actions. The contents of the page cannot be edited. Here is what you can do:

1. Back to contacts/leads list 

Simply go back to the previous screen : contacts tab. 

2. Call the contact/lead

Tap the button to initiate a call to the corresponding phone number (mobile or landline). 

3. Locate on map

Pressing this button will open the map app of your mobile and show you where your contact works.

4. Send email 

Send an email to your contact using your mobile's email app.   

5. Open in Salesforce 1

If you don't have enough information on the record, you can open it in Salesforce 1. 

6. Log a call (and more) 

Press this button to log a call. If you're using Enterprise edition this button can open a menu with different choices, letting you access different options.

This is it! That's all you need to know about this screen.

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