When you create a new team, you land in Name & Members. Start by giving the team a name. This is only visible to studio admins. Once you click on Save, the rest of the team setup will become available.

1. Manage Team

Name & Members

Define your team's name & members. Every team needs to have a name. It will be visible to studio admins only.

You assign Zero Keyboard licenses to users by adding them to a team. Under Current Members you'll see who are currently part of the team, and by clicking + Add members, the ones that are available to join the team (fetched from Salesforce). You can easily manage them:

  • Use the text filter to search for any team member in that team.

  • Add a team member by clicking the + Add members button.

  • Search for members in your organization with the text filter.

  • Remove a member from the list by clicking the - button. 

  • A user who hasn't used the app yet will receive an invitation to download it. 

When you're done with your team building, don't forget to save your changes! You need to hit the Add/Save button in two places, in the box where you add the members and on the top of the page once you have chosen the users.

Define what objects the users can access in the app. The objects available vary depending on your product. You can reorder the tabs by dragging and dropping. The first one on the left will be your users' default landing page when signing in.


Choose the workflows you want to have in Shortcuts. 

2. Actions on Objects

All available objects are listed here. Click on the object to do the preferred setup. The objects available might be limited depending on your product. Remember to save your changes!

Available in the app

Use the switch to allow users to use a workflow on the object's Action button (bottom right corner in the app). 


You get to give the button a name. Make it short, max two words.


Choose the icon you like best.

Workflows selection

Choose the workflow you want to use. 

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