What is the Studio?

Zero Keyboard's Studio is a webapp that lets you customize the content of our mobile app. It relies on two core functions: workflows and teams management; and on organization settings.


What are workflows?

In Zero Keyboard, workflows are the sets of questions that are answered by the user on his/her mobile phone.
Workflows also contain settings to update Salesforce based on answers. All these settings are done through the studio.

How does it work?

In the Studio, you design a workflow and choose which objects and fields should be updated in Salesforce for each question. Then you publish the workflow to the users.
Users will open the workflow with the mobile app and answer the questions. When they validate it, the answered workflow is sent to our backend which will interpret the answer and update your Salesforce instance according to the settings.

Where to start?

Ready to create your first workflow? Just follow that link and get started!


What are teams?

Teams are simply groups of users. Each team can have different settings and access to different workflows. This lets you organize users by countries/languages or services (eg marketing, sales, services...)

How does it work?

You define who should be part of a team, and then you set which button triggers which workflow in the mobile app. As easy as that...

Where to start?

Learn more about team management & settings.

Your Organisation's Settings

Let's keep this one short! Organization level settings let you define general rules which are applied to all users regardless of the team they are in.
Read more about organization settings here.

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