In Zero Keyboard you can manage the workflows publication for each team, set specific settings on workflows, but you have also access to settings that will apply to your whole company.

1. General

Default team

When it is set, all users from your company that will login with the mobile app will be added to this team.
This is used to avoid having to add all users manually to teams, but of course it won't help a lot you if you've divided your company in many teams.

Use Lead Assignment Rules

Set this to On if you want the leads created with the app to follow your active assignment rules in Salesforce.

2. Scanner & OCR

Phone number formats

When a contact or lead is created using the business card scanner, our software will push the number on the card, regardless of the possible validation rules you have.
Here you can force a format. This helps you to have clean entries to your Salesforce. The correct country code can also be applied if needed (and if the country has been correctly identified).

Default Country on Address

You can set a default country for leads and contacts when the app can't find a country in the business card. Read more here.

3. App tabs

Contacts and Leads Filters

You can apply a SOQL filter to limit the contacts and leads shown to users. It's up to you to decide what the rules are. Leave this blank if you don't know how to use it or ask for help.
The most common rule is to limit the user to his/her own contacts, using a magic word : ownerid = '#USERID#'

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