Workflows are the core of Zero Keyboard: they are sets of questions designed to update Salesforce.

The basis

Let's start with the core concepts of Salesforce updates 

  • Each workflow updates or creates a record in a specific object. We call it the record in main action

  • Every question in the workflow can update a field of that record.

  • Other fields' update can be automated in the workflow settings 

When you create a contact using the app, the record in main action is this newly created contact. The first question, the business card scanner, will update names, phones, and address fields. The second one will update the account link, the third the contact's description.
The contact owner will be set automatically.

Workflow structure

1. Settings

Here you define the main action, hidden fields' updates, and possible interaction with Salesforce mobile. Learn more about workflows settings

2. Topics & Questions

  • Topics are, for now, only groups of questions that help to keep yourself and your workflow organized in the Studio. They are not shown in the app.

  • Each question materializes as a screen in the app, and their answers will update a defined field in Salesforce. Questions can be moved and reordered (even between topics) by simple drag'n drop. Learn how to create questions.

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