You tackle custom and mandatory fields in Salesforce by adding a question in Zero Keyboard. It can be helpful to have the corresponding record window open in Salesforce on your computer while adding questions in app to see which fields you need to be populated. Each question updates a specific field in the record you are creating. Mandatory fields in Salesforce are marked with a red block next to the field.

Custom Update

On 'Title' give your question a topic. Keep it simple and short.

In the 'Description' box below the title, write a description of the topic, or give specific instructions on what you want the user to do. A question can't be marked as mandatory in the app, so if you want the question to be answered every time, this is the place to tell your users that. For example: "You must choose one".

When adding a question to a workflow, you are always asked to choose three things:

  • Update — which object are you updating? When you are under 'Contacts', it will be prechosen for you, when in 'Leads', it will be the one chosen by default, and so on.

  • Field — which field inside the object are you updating? This is very important. There are several fields to choose from. This is where you will want to have your Salesforce target record (for example any contact when customizing the 'Contacts' page in Zero Keyboard) open on your computer screen to see which fields are mandatory, or which ones you want to be populated by the app. Mandatory fields are marked in red in Salesforce. 

  • Component — this is where you choose the type of answer option for the question. For example, when asking the user to choose a date, you give them the answer option to be 'Date and time'. The app will automatically choose the logical answer component depending on the field you are updating. Sometimes there might be more than one option for the component. If so, you can select the one you want by tapping the 'Component' field. Existing components are: Wheel, List, Search, Call, Signal, Numpad, Date & Time, Camera, and Text & Voice. You can find info on all of them here.

Now you are done with adding a question to your app! Remember to save your changes! Scroll to the top of the page, and press 'Save'. Then you can exit the app customization via the Superlightning navigation button and choosing any tab in the menu.

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