1. Mark task as done

Switch to blue to allow or to grey to block marking tasks as done in the app. This will add/remove buttons in the app :

  • on the rows in the task list

  • on the details screen of a task 

2. New task creation


Switch to blue to allow or to grey to block adding new tasks with the app. This will add/remove the + button on the task list. 


Customize how tasks are created by adding, modifying and removing questions. 

Flicking switches will show/hide ready-made questions in the task creation process whereas adding questions will let you create them from scratch. 

  • Description: Add/remove the ability to add a description to your task

  • Opportunity: Flick the switch to allow or block the opportunity to link events to opportunities. The question will let you select an open opportunity in Salesforce. 

  • Add a question: Create a specific question to update a field in Salesforce. See how to in our detailed article.

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