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1. Team Members

Add your colleagues to your team! All Salesforce users in your organisation are available for you to add. Use the search field to find the ones you want. The chosen ones will receive an email invitation to download Zero Keyboard, and enjoy your handiwork. Your current users are listed under 'Current users', and the ones available to join your team are under 'Other Salesforce users'. All changes you make to the app will be available to all of your team members. 

2. Admins 

By default, the original person to start a team is the admin. If you want to share the workload, share the responsibility of being an admin. Admins have the power to manage your team, promote or demote admins, and customize tabs and questions.

3. Owner

You are the owner of the team you set up by default. Owners have the same rights as admins, but they can't be demoted. You can transfer the ownership of your team to another colleague in your team, if you ever have to leave your current position.

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