The most common action in the studio is to add leads to a Salesforce campaign. First, make sure you have created a campaign in Salesforce. Then follow the steps below:

  1.  Copy the "New lead" default workflow which is on the bottom of the page on a dark grey background. It will appear on the top left, first one one the section "Your workflows". Then click on it to open it.

2.  Start by renaming the workflow. The name can be anything you want, but we suggest you make it simple and easily recognizable to your users.

3. This is the most important part! This "Action 1" adds the lead automatically to the campaign you want. Replace the existing value with the campaign name. This value must be EXACTLY the same as the campaign name in Salesforce, down to the capital letters and spaces and commas. Copy/paste is your friend here. Press Save before leaving the page.  

4.  Next go to Teams by clicking the icon on the left pane. Either choose an existing team, or create a new team by clicking on the blue + Add team icon on the top left. Rename the team with a name that describes the group of users best.

5.  Choose all the users you want to be in this team by pressing the + sign. Remember to save your changes before leaving the page! 

6.   Next you need to make the adjusted workflow available for this team. Click on the Shortcuts tab on the left pane. Here you can choose which workflows are visible to the users in this team. Click on + Add workflows,  and then choose the correct workflow. Validate the choice by hitting Save. And then hit Save once again on the top left corner.

Now you have completed the necessary steps. Testing is always a good idea when doing changes to workflows and teams. Advise your users to reload all content in their app, if they were active while you made the changes. 

If you want to keep your studio clean, you can delete the team you made when you no longer need it. This will not destroy the workflows incorporated in it.   

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