This component is at the heart of the lead and contact creation in Zero Keyboard. Users can either scan a business card, import a contact from their phone book or simply enter manually the data. What data is actually what you can, and need to, set in the studio.
To use the Scanner component, choose to update a contact or lead information (under special fields in the dropdown list) 

Once you've defined the question's texts and selected the component, you need to define what fields you want to see updated in Salesforce. Upon selection, the app will load a default template that you can edit. Then you just did to adjust where the scanned data will go in Salesforce for each element that can be retrieved.

Fields mapping

Scanner result

This list display the data our scanner is able to capture. Note that it can return an empty result if the data doesn't exist on a the business card.
You need to select here the data you want to retrieve to then match it with the corresponding  object field.

Object field

Simply select here to what field inside Salesforce you want to store the data from the first list.
If the field selected is mandatory in Salesforce, the studio will automatically set it mandatory in the mobile app to avoid errors.


Change mapping and set mandatory
In this example we choose to capture the Business Phone number and make it mandatory. 

Change multiple fields and delete some
We decide to remap the whole address fields to the "other address" and we decide to remove unnecessary fields.

Reorder fields
You intend to call your leads and therefore phones number should be visible before email address.

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