Teams & user management

Can anyone access the studio?

  • No, only studio admins can. You can give access to your Zero Keyboard users in the studio -> Teams -> Admins section. See instructions here.

Can one user be in several teams?

  • No, unless they are Trade Show teams. If you add a user to a new team, they will automatically be removed from the previous one.

How do I administer Zero Keyboard licenses to my users?

  • By adding them to a team. See instructions here. Remember to Save the page before leaving!

Why should I have several teams?

  • If you have users who have the need for different navigation or different workflows, you set it up with separate teams.

Do I need a license as an admin even if I don't use the app?

  • No. To access the studio, you need only admin status for the studio. If you want to test your setup, you need to have a license.

Why are the users I added earlier not in the team?

  • The page was probably not saved before leaving it. Adding users to a team requires saving in two places, first when choosing the users, and then the page also. 

Can different users have different contents in the app?

  • Yes. The navigation and contents of the app is managed by teams. Create separate teams for users who need different contents, and adjust the navigation for both teams to suit your users' needs.

When will a user get the invitation email?

  • When s/he is added to a team for the first time. If a user does not receive an invitation email, s/he has probably been added to a team earlier, or signed in to the app's individual version at any time in the past. Only new users will receive the invitation email. It is also a good idea to check the spam folder.

How do I choose which workflows are available for the users?

  • All navigation and contents are managed in the studio -> Teams. Click on the correct team and choose Shortcuts or Actions on Objects to set the desired workflows in place. Remember to save the page before leaving it!

Why can't I add users to a team?

  • Check your license counter in the team's Name and Members section. You need to have available ZK licenses in order to add new users. 

Do I have to create a new team from scratch? I've set the navigation for the existing one already.

  • No, you can also copy an existing one where the navigation is set correctly and just add members to the new team.


How do I start working on a new workflow?

  • Either copy a default or existing workflow and work on the copy, or start from scratch with the + Workflow button.

How do I change the campaign linking in the workflow?

  • Open the workflow, and see the actions on the workflow settings. Just change the name of the campaign, and make sure it is spelled exactly the same way as in Salesforce. Remember to save your changes!

Why can't I add campaign linking to leads?

  • Not all of our products support campaign linking. Please contact support or sales to gain access to features you are lacking.

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