You might find yourself in a position where you no longer find use for Zero Keyboard and wish to cancel your subscription. The way to cancel depends on where you started your subscription. If you can't remember where you did that, no problem, it's easy to check. Go to the app settings, and scroll down. There are two options, either the Cancel button, or Manage subscription button if you started the subscription on iOS. Either

  • Click on the Cancel button to cancel your subscription, 


  • Click on the Manage subscription button and the app will redirect you to your iTunes account where you can find all your active subscriptions. Find Zero Keyboard for Salesforce and click on Cancel subscription.

In both cases you'll have access to the app until the end of the paid period. 

NOTE! Deleting the app from your phone does NOT END your subscription. If you deleted the app, and cannot access it anymore due to losing your Salesforce license, choose one of the following options:

In the case you started the subscription on iOS:

In the case where you started the subscription on a webform or on Android:

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