How do I cancel my subscription?

Android: navigate to the app menu --> Settings --> Cancel


  1. Click on the link

  2. Find Zero Keyboard for Salesforce

  3. On your mobile device click on the ZK app, and click on Cancel subscription

  4. On your laptop find ZK app and click on Cancel

Note! Deleting the app does NOT cancel your subscription.

I'm getting an error. Why can't I scan a new lead?

There are numerous reasons why creating a record in Salesforce could fail. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • You lack edit/create rights in Salesforce

  • There are mandatory fields in your Sf Leads. It could be any field, one that is picked up from the business card but the value wasn't found on the card. If the mandatory field is some other field, you can tackle it by adding a question to the lead creation. 

  • There are validation rules in your Sf which require a certain format in any value or field which the app cannot accommodate. Our enterprise versions are more configurable for these cases.

  • Please turn to your Sf admin for more information on any of the reasons provided.

I can't see/find all contacts in the app.

All the same rights and restrictions apply in Zero Keyboard as in your desktop Sf. Your access to contacts owned by different users could be restricted. Please turn to your Sf admin for more information about your user rights. 

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