When you create a contact with Zero Keyboard, you will want the user to link the new contact to an existing account, or allow them to create a new one, either automatically, or manually.

If your users do not have the right to create new accounts, they must choose an account in the app. You enforce this by setting the toggle on Mandatory to ON. This means that the user cannot go forward with the workflow before choosing an existing account. Remember to turn the toggle on Allow user to create record to OFF.

2. Creating an Account Automatically

If the user does not choose an existing account, and s/he has the right to create accounts, you can set it up to have the app create an account automatically. There is some logic to prevent the app from creating duplicates on accounts.

  • First, before creating an account the app searches for existing contacts with the same email domain as the new contact, and if any are found, it will link the new contact to the account related to those contacts.

  • Next, the app searches for duplicate accounts with the account name. The name has to be an exact match to be recognized as a duplicate. Any difference in the account name, including capitalization, will result in the app not using the existing account.

There are two ways to create an account automatically.

2.1 Automatic creation when an existing account is not found

After the scanning question in the app, the next question is the Link to Account question where the user has the possibility to choose from existing accounts. If the user can't find an existing one, s/he can skip the question and the app will create a new account automatically.

If no contacts are found with matching email domains, the app will create a new account automatically. The newly created account will have no other information than the account name. The name will be picked up from the contact’s email domain, so it does not necessarily correspond with the company name on the business card. Email domains such as “hotmail”, “gmail”, and “outlook” are excluded from account names. In those cases, the account name will be New account.

To enable the automatic creation of an account, the toggle on Create a new Account when no answer is selected must be turned ON. It is in the Advanced settings section on the bottom of the Link to Account question page. NOTE! You must use the Lookup → Account action in the question’s Salesforce action.

2.2 Create an account automatically without searching for existing accounts

The account creation can be automated also by skipping the Link to Account question altogether. The same search for existing contacts with matching email domains is there, and the linking to an existing account when such contacts are found. However, this option differs from the previous one by not giving the user the possibility to choose from existing accounts. It does, however, give them the chance to edit the account name in the scanner component. To set it up, the scanner component needs a field mapping Company → Account - Account Name. Also, you need a workflow action Create → Account. See the pictures below.

In this case, you can use the scanned values from the business card to update the address fields of the account being created. It can be done automatically in the workflow settings.

NOTE! If your organization has the Salesforce State and Country/Territory picklists active, you must use the “country code” value to update the Billing or Shipping Country Code fields on accounts. This will update the Billing/Shipping Country field with the correct value. The same logic applies to the state codes. You can't find the value "scanned state code" in the dropdown, instead you need to choose Enter value manually #SCANNED_STATECODE#.

3. Creating an Account Manually

If users are allowed to create accounts, you might want to have them fill in more information than just the account name. This is done by a sub-workflow. First, create a new workflow that creates an account. You can start with the default New Account workflow by copying it. Add all the actions and questions needed. Then come back to the New Contact workflow, open the Account question, and turn the toggle on Allow user to create record to ON. Then choose the Account creation workflow from the dropdown. When using a sub-workflow, the scanned values from the business card cannot be used.

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