Our Desktop app is available both on Mac and Windows computers.

If you are Microsoft Windows users go to this article.

Open the downloaded file and copy Zero Keyboard Desktop to Applications folder by dragging and dropping Zero Keyboard icon.

Go to Applications and open the Zero Keyboard Desktop app.

Mark the Privacy Policy and Terms of Services checkbox and click Log in button.

Enter your Salesforce credentials and click Log In button.

Click Let’s start! button and you are ready to start to use Zero Keyboard Desktop application.

If you are getting an error message after Logging in with your Salesforce credentials, that means you don’t have a valid license and you are not part of the Desktop Team. You need to contact your Zero Keyboard administrator.

If you are not getting an error message but you are able to see only a Pick to Clip option that means you have an enterprise license for some other Zero Keyboard product (mobile app) but you are nor part of Zero Keyboard Desktop Team. You need to contact your Zero Keyboard administrator to be added to the Desktop team.

Next check how to use Zero Keyboard for Desktop application here.

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