Where to find Zero Keyboard Desktop

After downloading Zero Keyboard Desktop if you are a Mac user you will find Zero Keyboard icon from the top bar.

If you are a Windows user you will find Zero Keyboard icon from the lower right corner.

Pick to Clip

Pick to Clip functionality allows you to mark any area from your computer screen and paste it as text whenever you need. It works like copy/paste functionality but you can use it on PDF's and images for example. To use it simply choose from the Menu Pick to Clip and when the cursor will change into the cross mark area from where you want to copy information.


To start any workflow you have to click the Zero Keyboard icon and select from Manu workflow you want to run. After selecting the right workflow you are ready to start extracting information from your computer screen by answering the questions that will appear on the right side of your screen.


With preferences you can change these settings:

  • Launching the Zero Keyboard app automatically every time after starting your computer.

  • Switch to Compatible Screenshot Mode. If you enable this function you will be using Zero Keyboard technology to take a screenshot, not default one for your computer.

  • Quick Action - you can set up which workflow you would like to start using the keyboard shortcut. By default Pick to Clip action is set up as a Quick Action, but you can change it to any workflow you wish. For Mac users the keyboard shortcut: OPT+CMD+Z. For Windows users the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+ALT+Z.

In Preferences you can also Logout from the app and Login using other credentials. You will find here also the Reload button. You can use it for example in cases when you can’t see changes that your admin did for your user.

You will find here also your user basic information and the version of the app you are currently using. If a new version of the app will be available Zero Keyboard will inform you about it and will ask you to instal the update.

Remember to Save any changes you are doing in Preferences.

Quit Zero Keyboard

If you want to close the Zero Keyboard Desktop app select from the Manu Quit Zero Keyboard option.

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