In Zero Keyboard's Studio you customize the content of Zero Keyboard Desktop. To start you need to go through its two core functions: workflows and teams management.

Set up the Desktop Team

You can find the Desktop Team behind Teams Icon on the left sidebar menu.

You define who should be part of a team, and to have access to Zero Keyboard Desktop solution. Simply create a new Team by clicking the + Add team tile.

Enter Team name and add Members to the Team. Remember to Save the changes. When you go through those steps new sections called Workflows will appear on the left side menu.

Learn more about team management & settings here.

Adding Workflows

To start to add workflows you need to open this new section called Workflows. By default Zero Keyboard desktop has 2 workflows: Scan Contact and Scan Lead. You can add your own workflows here by clicking + Add workflows button. You can also remove the default workflows by clicking minus icon. Remember to Save the changes.

Learn more about workflows here.

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