When you design a workflow, you set it to create and update records in Salesforce. That's when you need to use the Salesforce actions, either on the workflow level or directly in the question.

General concept


  • Each workflow create/update a record in Salesforce : the link record
  • Actions can also be used to create additional records, possibly in different objects like tasks or events
  • Fields of these records are updated using Salesfoce actions  


Before creating actions you should be aware of several automation that are already existing to simplify your work.

  • The update of contact/lead standard fields is already set when you use the business card scanner component.
  • Zero Keyboard tries automatically to link objects between them.
    Example: if your link record is a contact and you create a task in the same workflow, the task will be link to the contact without any setting needed.
  • If a workflow is called from a particular record (note of an event, call logging of a contact) the created record will be linked to this original record. 

Actions settings

To define an action you need to set several mandatory values:


  • Create : will create a record of the selected object (see below). If set on a question it will do it whatever the answer (even no answer) except if the component used is Signal or numpad.
  • Update : will let you update a field of the link record, a record created through an action, the original record you started the workflow from.


  • Choose the object that should be the target of the action


  • If your action is an update choose which field to update 

Value (update action only)

  • on workflow level actions : you have to set manually the value. This value can be fix or dynamic.
  • on question level actions the value is automatically set: it's the answer to the question.

Target (update action only)

  • Link record has to be used if you update the main record created/updated by the workflow.
  • First updated/created record is to be used when you update a field of a record created by another action.
  • All updated/created records is only used if you create/update 2 records in the same object and want them to share an identical value.
    Example: You create 2 tasks, what happened and what is to be done, but you link both tasks to the same opportunity. 
  • Question : this option is only available if there's a question with a search component, and if the object of the action is the same as the one set in the other question.
    Example: in the first question you ask the user to select a question, and in the following question you update a field of the record selected in the first question.
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